The Opportunities to Ride Your Supermoto Keep Coming


Emerging from some of the Government lockdown conditions has also given scope to take tentative steps back toward reintroducing the opportunity for many supermoto riders to take part in supermoto related trackdays at a number of circuits, these include Three Sisters and Teesside.

Here at Supermoto UK we are keen to give as many of you the chance to get out on circuit, but we must also remember that COVID 19 still presents a risk and that the way and format of trackdays has been adapted to minimise and mitigate any exposure or cross infection of the pandemic. The aim is balancing the enjoyment of a trackday with the new rules implemented by each circuit provider and we ask as Supermoto UK that you both respect these and adhere to the guidance given.

The British Supermoto Championship has already announced its revised schedule and we hope by mixing this with a variety of trackdays you will be presented with the similar amount of riding days as a full championship.

Our motto of 'Trackday to Raceday' has seen over the years many riders move through these ranks and the buzz of a trackday has induced them to take the step into racing. This has only been possible by the help and advice provided from fellow riders in the paddock and long may that continue.

Many trackdays are now booked up within hours, with riders also going onto a reserve list which demonstrates the desire to take part in some form of two wheel activity. Our advice is as soon as you see a specific trackday advertised you book your place without delay.

We also need to recognise that hard work circuits such as Teesside and Three Sisters have put in place to ensure your safety under COVID 19 while at the venues.

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