The British Supermoto Championship Springs Into Action for 2021

What after seems to be the longest Winter on record the motorcycle racing fraternity are dusting down their race leathers, checking their bikes over in preparation for the relaxation of the Covid 19 restrictions. At last, some brighter times ahead and a focus for many to lift spirits after some challenging times with the pandemic.

Amongst said fraternity are those who participate in the ACU British Supermoto Championship and for many competitors it seems like an eternity since the final round of the 2020 Championship back in early December, which witnessed Chris Hodgson on his Automotive Solutions Husqvarna clinch yet another crown.

Following Government and Auto Cycle Guidelines NoraSport have been better placed to look forward and create what is one of the most diverse seasons seen for many years with the introduction of competition returning to the historic Oliver Mount. Race Director David Dearden (like many other race directors) was presented with some doubtful times as the pandemic restrictions continued to dip in and out of lockdown with uncertainty. However, with some careful planning and collaboration with circuits up and down the country a 2021 provisional race calendar has now been released.


Round 1 - All classes - Three Sisters April TBC

Round 2 - All classes - Teesside 1 - 2 May

Round 3 - Solos only - Rowrah 29-30 May

Round 4 - Solos only - Crail 12-13 June

Round 3 - Superlite only - Blyton 27 June

Round 5 - All Classes - Three Sisters 17 - 18 July

Round 4 - Superlite only - Pembrey 7 - 8 August

Round 6 - Solos - Olivers Mount 28 - 29 August

Masters Cup Hill Climb - Olivers Mount 30 August

Round 7 - All Classes (S/lite double header) - Teesside 18 - 19 Sept

Round 8 - All Classes - Pembrey 16/17 October

Round 9 - All Classes - Cadwell Park 6 - 7 November

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