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The ethos behind Everything Supermoto United Kingdom is not only to promote the sport in a positive light and to a diverse audience, but also support up and coming riders in many ways. It maybe providing coverage, advice, guidance, or a helping hand to attract sponsors.

With the small margins made from the sale of merchandise combined with some who make generous donations this all goes to good use. Riders have benefited from a new tyres, full decals for their bike and in some cases a contribution toward race clothing. It all helps..!!

Many may not even know this goes on behind the scenes as we have kept a lid on the majority of the support we provide however, after checking with the family we are delighted to announce we have been able to provide young Seth Gibson with support in a few areas.

Firstly, we negotiated a free place on the recent Chris Hodgson Training Day which helped Seth hone his skills with the expert advice Chris provides. We extend our thanks to Chris for his generosity as he is much of the same frame of mind as us all here at Everything Supermoto United Kingdom that young riders are the future of our sport.

We have also agreed to cover a day’s entry fee for Seth at the forthcoming Teesside round, again giving assistance and freeing up funds for Seth and the family to use toward other essential race weekend costs.

The Skipton teenager though has not sat back on his hands, he has used his initiative to raise his own sponsorship and in doing so has had some success with local support coming forward. Skipton Artisan Market and Bold Venture Garage all stepping in to help.

The guys at Everything Supermoto United Kingdom have kept a watchful eye on Seth and his progress. From his first trackday at Three Sisters, to his first season they have watched him grow in confidence with his skills on track. It is for that reason the decision was made to lend some form of support through the 2020 season.

Everything Supermoto United Kingdom commented:

''From the first time we witnessed Seth on track we had a feeling he would be a competent racer and from then on, we have followed him by keeping a watchful eye on his progress. There is no doubt he has the commitment and desire, plus the skills and if we can lend a helping hand to progress Seth on his way to greater things then we are all happy to do so. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter and knowing how grateful the family are for any help then we had no hesitation to step forward.

We also wish to throw out a note that Seth is still looking for additional sponsors to assist through the year and id you want to provide support then please contact ourselves here at Everything Supermoto United Kingdom ''

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