Another Team Formed to Take on the 2020 British Supermoto Championship - Welcome 'Goon Squad Racing'

So a group of us started a Supermoto racing team, the "GoonSquad". named because the definition of goon pretty much sums us up.

We are built up of riders from different levels, backgrounds and areas of the U.K. We formed this team just to help each other out and have fun. We will be competing in the 2020 NoraSport British Supermoto Championship

Team Riders

Rob "The Goat" Amat #241 riding in novice class on his 2012 ktm 450 smr which is currently having a full rebuild. Started racing 6 years ago, had a big crash and has come fighting his way back. Finishing last season 10th in national novice and 15th British novice championships, he also likes to ride enduro.

Rob still can’t wheelie!!

Farron "Fadgy” young #184 in novice class riding his 2020 Husqvarna fs450 also hoping to compete in the 2 stroke class with his 2010 ktm smr/700 zabel currently being built and maybe the odd evo race with his 2006 Husqvarna sm450/510rr.

Until a few years ago had no track experience at all, but has been riding Supermoto on road since he was 17 and has made good improvement since his first track day. Farron picked up two 3rd place trophies last season in evo class, finished 5th overall in evo class 8th in national novice and 11th in British novice.

Fadgy over tightens everything, loves crashing and can definitely wheelie.

Jason Springham in novice and evo class with his 2003 Honda crf450 Jason comes from a quad racing background in which he was fairly competitive. And picked up two 2nd place trophies in his first season in Give it ago class, despite a tight budget and only competing in six race days last season.

Jason will sleep through race day if we don’t wake him up and eats far too many monster munch.

Richard Thrower, who is riding a 2009 Suzuki rmz 450.This will be his first ever season in the sport and will be entering the Give it ago Class.

Richard is a DJ who has travelled across the globe performing at some of the biggest raves in the world (so he says) but is now available for kids party’s and school discos.

Mark Mather on his 2010 ktm 450 smr this will also be his first full season in the Give it a Go class he did one race at Wigan last year and the bug has bitten.

Mark still doesn’t know the alphabet and thinks his bike will run without petrol

Also we hope Steve Coombes who has been a regular face on track will be joining us and Hayley Jennings who has been riding sports bikes on track and road, Hayley got a little taste of Supermoto at one of the Supermoto U.K. three sisters circuit track days and will hopefully be joining us for some races and hopefully we will have some more rider news soon

We are about to renew our bike graphics and race jerseys/leathers for the upcoming season usually we cover our bikes in advertising brands that really offer us nothing in return, so this year we thought we would rather offer the opportunity to companies, organisations and friends that would like to get involved.

We are not necessarily after money as sponsorship but we are happy to advertise for your services, products, discounts or help in some way.

On board so far we have:

FDL Packaging Group

Coachman detailing

Forget Failure clothing

McNealy brown coatings

And to all those who already help and support us thank you, of course we will not be forgetting you.

Dave Barrington at TKB racing

Darren lee

WMD Motorsport

Ways this could benefit you:

At the races lots of professional photos are taken, plenty of posts on social media and shout outs to the people who support us. We will give you tickets to any race you want to attend, where you can get up close with all the riders in the paddock. The bikes will be seen all over the country, mainly our races are held in the north of the U.K. and we are looking forward to the races getting some live streaming this year.

Instagram @team_goon_squad

Words by Farron Young

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