A Message from the Team at Supermoto UK

Dear followers and supporters,

Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of updates, but hopefully you will appreciate under the current circumstances I personally have had my hands full with keeping the day job / business going.

I sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are all staying safe and healthy at this time and may I also commend any of you who are classified as key or front-line workers, not only those in the NHS and Care, but also those of you who are keeping the nation running…..I praise you all and thank you.

May I also pass wishes onto many of you who run your own businesses as it’s a difficult time to say the least and I hope that you are receiving the support from the Government that was promised.

Anyway, many of you will be sitting there in eager anticipation to get out riding again, whether under race conditions, trackdays or just for fun and you are one of the millions in the same position. However, we must show patience and consideration to the guidelines being given from both the Governments perspective and of course the Auto Cycle Union. This is important for the long-term benefit of the nation’s health and a return to near normality if any form of restrictions are lifted?

I am no Government or health expert, but social distancing measures in one form or another are here to stay until a reasonable solution for the spread or cure is in place. Therefore, this may have a direct impact on any sport, not just our passion for supermoto or motorcycling in general.

On a more positive note its great to see many of you posting memories from the past and especially the images that are coming through. Particularly great to see many reminiscing of the Southern Supermoto Days and the great times had by many. Keep these coming as it is a great moral booster and injects some humour also with many of the comments. Its great credit to Steve Berry and the Team at SSM that we managed to get the ‘Give it a Go’ class underway and I can remember as if it was yesterday.

I have looked into ideas surrounding interviews with a few of the top riders to recollect their stories in areas such as when they started out and advice for newbies etc, it all helps keep interest going while we while away the hours dodging every DIY job thrown at us.

We also want to hear your stories, so why not grab the camera and do a piece about stories from the paddock, your best race, funniest moment…. go on give it a go and start a trend.! Keep it clean, no language and we will gladly publish on here or the facebook page.

Finally, I want to pass on my thanks on behalf of us all here in the team at Supermoto UK for your support over the years as this time for reflection has made me realise that we have all pulled together in the paddock and shown camaraderie which is something we push time, and time again. So now is the time to do the same with the situation concerning COVID19. Pick up the phone, drop someone a message as just because no one is gathering in the paddock it does not stop that friendship being extended at this time.

Stay safe everyone,

Neil and the Team at Supermoto UK

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