2020 Media Coverage for the British Supermoto Championship Launched

With just a few weeks to go until the inaugural ‘Warm Up Event’ for the 2020 NoraSport British Supermoto Championship there is significant activity going on behind the scenes with a new Media Team preparing to bring you more news and information as it happens across the season.

The official launch this weekend brought news that NoraSport BSSC and Supermoto UK would come together to use their joint expertise to bring a different dimension to the way in which the championship is covered and promoted. With the move of many motorsport championships over to social media channels, including ‘YouTube’ streaming it was felt that a similar move should be taken to bring Supermoto to a larger audience. The cost of TV coverage of a whole series is now beyond the realms of most championships and an even balance of cost v exposure must be considered.

Saturday 18th January witnessed the first of the video production which the broadcast was aired across social media on Sunday evening to a large audience. The positive feedback has rolled in from many areas regarding the increase in coverage and at this point the changes in the approach to the media coverage looks like being a key element of the season ahead.

Richard Blakeman & James Taylor 'Fat n Fast Race Team

Other changes to media coverage for the 2020 season will be the introduction of Championship programme & ‘Live Feeds’ from each round, plus regular video advertising updates in between such events. Add to this a fully new branded website ( ) for NoraSport BSSC and cross-linking information with Supermoto UK website it is envisaged that larger audiences will be targeted.

One of the most important factors in the changes is the media team have responded to rider and teams’ feedback and listened intently to what they want. In doing so this is the first step in a direction which hopefully can be built upon as the year progresses.

Peter Heyworth from LAT Creative brought the concept of ‘Live Feeds’ to light with his excellent coverage of the 2019 Supermoto of Nations and latterly the grand finale at Cadwell Park of the British Supermoto Championship. Since then a coming together of those involved in these events has moved the idea into 2020 and greater coverage for riders, sponsors and overall the championship as the ultimate aim.

Jordan Bannon - DCR / Supermoto Race Team

Behind the camera and on the technical side will be Peter Heyworth, who will be supported with still photography by Peter Barlow. Presenters of the live feeds will fluctuate across events between Robin Brown, Danielle Kernick and Neil Jay who will be bringing you interviews, clips of the on-track action and much more throughout the year. Adding to this will be the team from Supermoto UK who will be keeping the social media side of things at the forefront of enthusiast minds.

Danielle Kernick - Neil Jay - Robin Brown 2020 Media Team

Focus will be on riders and teams, from those taking their first steps into the sport, thorough to the more seasoned riders who have claimed multi championship titles. We also want to hear from you if you have any interesting stories you wish us to cover.


At this point the media team are inviting any interested parties who wish to have advertising slots in the meeting programme or on the live feeds through the year, please contact us on

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